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What does your wedding dress say about you?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

wedding dress
What does the wedding dress say about you?

The wedding dress really speak for you , the reflection of your very own personal taste and your true personality is revealed without saying a word.

I'll recommend you to watch some episodes of #sayyestothedress #tlc get an idea how to know that you finally found #theperfectdress not even an expert expected that particular dress on you. The wedding dress is not about finding the one that looks good or the most expensive design is just about finding the one that makes you feel good! in you own eyes.

wedding dress board
What does the dress reveal about your personality?

Never close the door to those do's and don'ts expert tips and recommendations.

They know the best about the fashion trend, how to pick the perfect dress for every body shape and size also tips deciding what you may need to your bridal dress appointment but don't forget that your eyes reflection doesn't lie, follow you gut and trust in your very own personal taste. let the unique you shines!!!!

Get inspired with some of the look below > and follow me around on social media specially #pinterest for more #weddinginspirationboard like this one. ~ Clara Murrg